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English Foundations I       

The difficulty of these passages gradually increases filling in educational cognitive gaps from 3rd- up to reading grade level over the duration of the course. At the end of the course, the student should be poised for continued success in the academic world.

English Foundations II       

This course offers skill building and strategy development in reading and writing. Semester one is a reading program designed to help struggling readers develop mastery in the areas of reading comprehension, vocabulary building, study skills, and media literacy. Semester two is a writing program which builds confidence in composition fundamentals by focusing on the areas of composing, grammar, style, and media literacy.

Math Foundations I           

A structured remediation solution and is designed to expedite student progress filling in educational cognitive gaps from 3rd- up to Math grade level over the duration of the course. The course is appropriate for use as remediation for students in grades 6 to 12.

Math Foundations II

When used in combination, Math Foundations I and Math Foundations II (covering grades 6 to 8) effectively remediate computational skills and conceptual understanding needed to undertake high school–level math courses with confidence.


French I

French I teaches students to greet people, describe family and friends, talk about hobbies, and communicate about other topics, such as sports, travel, and medicine. Each lesson presents vocabulary, grammar, and culture in context, followed by explanations and exercises.

French II

French II teaches students to communicate more confidently about themselves, as well as about topics beyond their own lives - both in formal and informal address.

Mandarin Chinese I 

Students begin their introduction to Chinese by focusing on the four key areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Mandarin Chinese II

Students continue their study of Mandarin Chinese by further expanding their knowledge of key vocabulary topics and grammar concepts. Students not only begin to comprehend listening and reading passages more fully, but they also are able to express themselves more meaningfully in both speaking and writing.

Music Appreciation I

Music Appreciation I introduces students to the history, theory, and genres of music, from the most primitive surviving examples through the classical to the most contemporary in the world at large. 


Art Appreciation I

Art Appreciation is a survey of the history of Western visual arts, with a primary focus on painting. Students begin with an introduction to the basic principles of painting and learn how to critique and compare works of art.

3D Animation3D Animation teaches students how to create their own animated 3D movie while also learning the fundamentals of animation.

App Design 

In App Design, students learn how to create a real mobile app that can be played on both Apple® and Android® mobile devices. At the end of the course, students have the basic skills to create their own app and potentially publish it to the Apple® App Store or the Google® Play Store.

*   One Term Courses            465,000 RWF

**  Full Year Courses              700,000 RWF

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